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Rhode Island Restraining Order Attorney

Rhode Island Restraining Order Attorney

A Rhode Island Restraining Order Attorney understands the circumstances surrounding restraining orders and how sensitive the situation can become. Clients seeking a restraining order are often in endangering situations where there life and well-being is being threatened by someone else. It is critical to contact the proper authorities first to make law enforcement aware of the threatening activity by the other party. After you’ve contacted law enforcement the next step you should take is retaining the representation of an experienced lawyer who is well versed in this area.

Rhode Island Restraining Order Attorney – Elisha Morris

Our office can assist you through the proper channels for obtaining a restraining order. The primary purpose of the order is to provide protection for victims who feel as if their lives are in any form of danger. Restraining orders, also known as, personal protection order laws, were established to protect a specific person or entity. Cases related to restraining orders are also often connected to domestic violence, sexual assault, harassment, stalking, cyberstalking and more. The guidelines and legal standings of these orders may vary from state to state, but the under lying purpose remains the same. Our services also include petitioning the court to enforce pre-existing orders that are not being upheld by the abuser.

If you or a loved one is seeking legal counsel in the instance of a restraining order contact Rhode Island Restraining Order Attorney Elisha Morris at (401) 421-4038 for a consultation. We understand the level of discretion required for domestic violence matters and our priority is your safety. We provide free consultations to discuss the details of your circumstance and advise you on the best action to take moving forward. Attorney Elisha Morris is known for vigorously fighting on the behalf of her clients, and she will fight for you.

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