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stars When you are going through something difficult, it makes all the difference to have Elisha Morris by your side.  She is able to listen compassionately, offer practical solutions and guide her clients through complicated legal proceedings with grace, confidence and efficiency.  I felt like we had a common goal and that Elisha was really in it with me.  She helped me understand the process, why we were taking each step and how and why we would end up where we wanted to be.  Elisha inspires trust, not just in her ability to navigate the ins and out of the legal process, but also in her sincere partnership with her client.  I could not be more grateful to her.

stars “I would like to say Thank You for everything. I appreciate you in every way. I am Thankful for all that you’ve done for us. I’m also glad that God helped us with this case and that we were able to fight this evil, get passed it and on to the next chapter. You are an amazing individual and a professional at the highest level. I wish you the very best. Again, Thank You.” – Tommy

stars “I hired Ms. Morris to represent me in a custody case. She was able to award me with full custody of my daughter. I could not thank Ms. Morris enough. Ms. Morris is the kindest and most attentive attorney that I have ever dealt with. I would HIGHLY recommend Ms. Morris to anyone.” – Kelly

stars “I retained Attorney Morris when I decided that I wanted to try to get custody of my children and also needed to handle a business matter related to my divorce. Elisha was incredibly thorough and used all the information in trying to get the business matter and custody matter handled in my favor. It was a long process because the State was involved with the children also, but Elisha stayed the course and kept me informed of developments every step of the way. Elisha is professional, courteous, compassionate and knowledgeable. If a 10 star rating was an option I would gladly apply it to my experience with Elisha as my attorney.” – Derek

stars “Elisha Morris is an impeccable lawyer who fights for your rights. Her demeanor and professionalism lead to outstanding results. I am beyond grateful for her continuous effort to attain all my needs throughout my divorce. Ms. Morris is a compassionate person who listens and cares for her clients, and it comes across in everything she does. I cannot say enough about her to show my appreciation.” – Ann

stars “Thank you so much for everything. You are a true professional and such a great person, as I got to know you on a more personal level I felt like a friend and not just a client. ” – Rob

stars “Elisha I wanted to thank you for helping me through this divorce process. I really appreciate everything you did to make me feel like I was in great hands and comfortable with the whole process. Once again, thank you!” – Jon

stars “Elisha Morris was extremely helpful. She always kept me posted as to the status of my case,. She was very knowledgeable and very helpful. She made a difficult situation much less painful. I could not recommend her any more highly. Thank you very much for all of your help” – Mary

stars “I was very satisfied with the way Elisha represented my case. She was very patient, understanding and encouraging. Thank you for representing me and being my lawyer. I will definitely be coming back if I need her services again” – Caroline

stars Child Support: Modification increases benefit
RI Criminal Defense Lawyer Morris filed a motion to register and modify a foreign judgment on mother’s behalf. The purpose of this motion was to register an out-of-state judgment awarding her child support. After decree is registered in Rhode Island, modification substantially increases the amount which she is entitled to receive.

stars Motion to Modify Foreign Judgment: Attorney Morris filed a motion to register and modify a foreign judgment on mother’s behalf. The purpose of this motion was to register an out-of-state judgment awarding her child support. After decree is registered in Rhode Island, modification substantially increases the amount which she is entitled to receive.

stars Restraining order defense: Attorney Morris represented father in defending against a family court restraining order as well as a motion to suspend his visitation with the minor child. Result: Family court restraining order case dismissed, motion to suspend visitation denied. All visits with child (unsupervised) to resume immediately.

stars Custody: Attorney Morris filed a motion for sole legal custody. Pursuant to divorce decree, parties had been awarded joint legal custody. Mother granted physical placement of the minor child. We represented mother, who, after several contempt hearings and post-final motions, was awarded sole legal custody with visits at her discretion and pursuant to the recommendations of the child’s counselor (see testimonial).

stars Placement Change: Attorney Morris filed an emergency motion to change placement, for permission to relocate, and for sole legal custody. Previously, the mother was granted joint legal custody and physical placement of two minor children per the parties’ divorce decree. This firm represented the father, who, through the filing of an emergency motion, was able to obtain sole legal custody and physical placement of two minor children and who was permitted to relocate out of state in a post-final decision.

stars Divorce: Attorney Morris represented the husband/father in divorce. His wife was seeking placement of the children and alimony. Thanks to the efforts of the Law Office of John E. MacDonald, the husband is granted placement of children and is not obligated to pay wife alimony.

stars Overnight Visits: Attorney Morris represented father in filing his miscellaneous petition for custody, placement, and support. Mother refusing to allow child to visit overnight with father. After hearing, father granted joint legal custody, liberal specific visitation including overnights. See testimonial below:

stars “I could not have chosen a better attorney. Prior to choosing an attorney, I had consulted with several about my case. Attorney Morris’ confidence, sincerity, honesty, and track record won me over. I was impressed by her swift and thorough knowledge of my case as well as how quickly she responded to my calls and emails. Her knowledge and tenacity were evident as we attempted to negotiate with my son’s mother and her attorney and I believe that it was these traits along with her treating my case as if she were fighting for her own child that won me additional time with my son in the form of extra days, overnights, and shared transport.”

stars Multi-State Custody: Attorney Morris represented mother in multi-jurisdictional custody/placement battle. Mother resides out of state with child, father resides in Rhode Island. Father obtains ex parte emergency motion for placement. Child is moved to father’s residence pursuant to court’s order. She successfully represented mother in returning child to her placement out of state.

stars Restraining Order: Defense of restraining order in family court filed by mother against daughter. After hearing and cross examination, mother is found not credible and the restraining order is dismissed.

stars Paternity: Divorce wherein one party is uncertain whether the child his ex-spouse is carrying is his. After paternity tests, it was determined that child is his and court grants him joint custody with visitation rights.