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New Trend in the Legal World: Men’s Rights

Men's Rights

New Trend in the Legal World: Men’s Rights

Decades ago, divorce was a rarity. When it did occur, the women got the children. They also got a fair size of alimony and child support. Back then, women rarely worked. Men didn’t spend much time raising their children. However, times have changed. Today, women and men both work. Sometimes, the man stays home and raises the child while the woman works. Both parents take a more active role in child rearing. With these changes came the idea of men’s rights. Find out what the push for men’s rights means for you.

Making a Change

Not too long ago, men didn’t have many rights in a divorce. In certain states, men still get unfair treatment. While the women get the best of alimony and child custody agreements, the men get more bills to pay. That’s why many men are pushing for more men’s rights in divorce cases. They believe that men deserve better treatment. In addition to wanting less alimony and child support, they also want more right to visitation and custody.

Although every state treats divorce differently, all states lack when it comes to men’s rights. For example, in Florida, the state recognizes the importance of both parents in rearing and time-sharing. However, the time-sharing agreements are not ideal. Many men feel as if they are only part-time parents. Instead of splitting time equally with the other parent, they get an uneven split. They feel like second-class citizens.

In other states, the situation is similar. No state seems to respect the rights of men as much as they respect the rights of women. In court, men need to fight to get fair treatment. Even then, they don’t always get it.

Why Men’s Rights Matter

There is no good reason to deny men equal rights. However, there are many reasons that men should have equal rights in divorce cases. First, there’s the issue of their role as fathers. Men play an important role in raising their children. Often, a father has a special bond with his children. Denying him the right to see his child often destroys that bond. In the end, it hurts the child. Additionally, the child’s development can suffer. A father often plays a key role in the development of a child. When a judge takes away the custody rights of a father, he ends up hurting the child.

There’s also the issue of spousal support. In many divorces, the man pays spousal support for far too long. It is unfair to make a man pay for his ex-wife long after the divorce. In most situation, his ex-wife is making enough money of her own to thrive without the payments. Sometimes, she also has the income of a boyfriend or partner to help pay her bills. If the court makes you pay spousal support for a long period, then you might be a victim of unfair treatment.

How Can Change Occur?

It is possible for men’s rights to become the norm. However, it will take some work. You can be a part of the solution by hiring a lawyer who can best represent you. Although you need to fight for your rights, you can get fair treatment. Your lawyer needs to make a judge realize that you deserve fair treatment. As your lawyer speaks up about what you deserve, he makes others aware that men’s rights deserves more attention. While your divorce case is about you getting what you want, it can also make a difference for other men.

For real change to occur, everyone needs to realize the need for men’s rights. Mothers, children, lawyers, and judges all need to understand why it matters. And that can start with you getting a fair agreement and speaking up about your rights.

Often, men are victims of the system. They don’t realize that they have basic rights. In some situations, the men get the wrong information about their rights. Instead of fighting an unfair agreement, they accept it. They believe that there is no alternative. Sometimes, this misinformation results in a lowering of the bar. If a man thinks that he will get no visitation, then he might be satisfied with limited visitation. In reality, he could be eligible for much more.

On the Way to Equal Rights

When you consider that men used to have no rights to child custody, you might see how far we have come. Over time, the laws changed. Men have more rights now than they ever have before. However, that fight is not yet over. In divorces, men still tend to get unfair treatment. Like the men who fought for basic custody rights decades ago, you need to fight for your rights. If you do, you might be able to get results. It is possible for you to get the divorce agreement that you deserve. It just might not come easily.

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