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Guide To Rhode Island Child Custody

Guide To Rhode Island Child Custody

Child Custody
Negotiating the terms of your child custody agreement with custodial and non-custodial parents can be difficult. The emotional factors of the circumstances often play a large role in creating a tense and distrusting environment between both parties. Sometimes parents can find themselves on the wrong end of a custody battle or violation of custody orders because they simply did not understand the guidelines of the judgment in the first place. Here are a few general guidelines to deconstruct the verbiage and parameters of child custody laws.

Child Custody Visitation

Under normal circumstances, the parent who is not granted custody of a child is given justified visitation orders. These orders set the guidelines for the visitation structure and scheduling for the child. In cases where violence or sexual abuse has been confirmed the violating parent is denied all visitation rights. The parent must undergo a routine series of evaluations to determine if the parents behavior has in fact been rehabilitated and is beneficial to the child’s development.

Child Custody Mediation

Mediation is not limited to couples navigating the divorce process. It can also be used to reach an agreement for child custody agreements. In these proceedings, the parties can come to a mutual agreement to create a custody arrangement that works in the best interest of the child. In some cases, the mediation is voluntary and sought after by the parents themselves. In other cases, the mediation is ordered by the court to bring both parties to the table so that a reasonable agreement can be reached.

Child Custody affairs are some of the most sensitive cases involved in family law. The healthy growth and development of your child is something that every parent desires to achieve. Granting justifiable child custody orders that are reasonably fair for both parents should also be an important factor in the process. If you’re in need of an experienced Rhode Island Child Custody Lawyer to represent the best interests of your children, contact our office today. Call (401) 421-4038 to schedule your free consultation. We can help!

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